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(3.5g) V-Power by Oakfruitland


Indica Dominant Hybrid

3.5G  27%

V-Power Strain Strain Information

The V-Power strain checks all boxes off the list. It’s a cross between hybrid strains Jealousy x Gelato #41, making it a dense, super smelly, and highly potent strain. While the Jealousy parent strain offers a more energetic high, the Gelato #41 parent strain offers relaxation so, what takes over? The strain’s linage is rather interesting. Because Jealousy is made by crossing Sunset Sherbert Bx1 with Gelato #41, you’d think you are mostly getting a Gelato #41 dominance on the V Power flavor profile. However, Gelato #41 is made by crossing Sherbert (also known as “Sherbert OG” and “Sunset Sherbert”) with Thin Mint Cookies, giving the V-Power strain a measurable Sherbert color and smell influence as well. Additionally, the nugs are chunky, purple, and have orange tufts. When smoked, consumers say it has lots of flavors and is creamy on the exhale.

Effects Of  V-Power Strain

This Oakfruitland strain is THC-dominant with around 26.16% THC and 1.27% CBD, making it a top-shelf strain for seasoned consumers. If you want a more stoney body high, this indica hybrid may hit you with what you want. It is recommended to smoke at night or when stressed because of its potentially calming nature.


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