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Cosmic Live Resin - Diamond Badder - Watermelon Gelato 1G



THC: 72.8%  CBD: 2%  TCB: 75.5%

Watermelon Z x Gelato 45

Cosmic is a family owned distribution company built on integrity and supporting heritage legacy Mendocino farms and the brands that built the industry. Their ultra-premium live resin is expertly crafted exclusively from hand picked strains from small batch heritage legacy farms. They are flash frozen to -40º on the day of harvest and cryogenically extracted, preserving the highest possible amounts of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids.

Tier 1 designates Cosmic’s finest diamonds in terp sauce and live badders sealed in calyx containers and packaged in jewel boxes with original art. Cosmic live resin has a wet, sugary consistency. Recommended to be vaporized at a low temperature (650º or below)

Sweet, Floral, Earthy

Euphoric, Blissful, Bright

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