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Cream of the Crop - Diamonds - Zodiac Mac 1G


Total THC: 85.23%

Total Terpenes: 5.29%

SOC: 96.82%

Indica Dominant. NBK x Sunset Sherbet x Sour Apple

Zodiac Mac is a sativa dominant strain with a powerhouse lineage of NBK crossed with Sunset Sherbert crossed with Sour Apple. This killer strain has a sour, lemon citrus and earthy fragrance with sweet and spicy undertones. Zodiac Mac is high in limonene, nerolidol and caryophyllene, providing stress and pain relief. This strain will have you feeling carefree, energetic and happy, as if you are frolicking through the San Fransisco streets. Be careful not to drop your guard too much, though. >;)

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