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Dabwoods Rechargeable Disposable 1000mg - Trainwreck



Dabwoods 1 Gram disposable vape pen is a convenient & clean way to get your high on the go! Juiced up with 1 Gram of concentrate made from the  premium cannabis, this disposable pen comes in six different strains: Biscotti, SFV OG, King Louis OG, GSC, Trainwreck, Banana OG & Blue Dream. Not only is this disposable convenient because it can be thrown away after use, but it can also be recharged if you prefer a high voltage puff!

Although Trainwreck is mainly sativa dominant, you can expect a mellowing body high in addition to a cognitive high that administers imaginative and inventive thoughts. Patients commonly use Trainwreck to relieve pain, PTSD and stress. You can smoke this strain comfortably throughout the day even with its super high potency.

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