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Jelly Live Rosin Jam – Biohazard – High Octane Solventless


** Cold Storage Expect Delayed Delivery…But Worth it! **

Beginning with fresh frozen specific genetics and only the frostiest hand-picked tops, Live hash rosin jam is a magical symphony of the perfect washing, pressing and cure periods under precise temperatures and then more pressing and more waiting for the perfect consistency and explosion of flavors, smells, and terpenes that liven up the senses and take your cannabis experience to a new level.
You’ll get to enjoy the sativa side of Biohazard as a cerebral boost will catapult you into a place of pure joy. Creativity is heightened alongside your tendency to be social, but don’t expect this energetic state of mind to last too terribly long. Potent as Biohazard is, this strain will offer an equally bold comedown that leaves you super relaxed and glued to the couch. Those who are less experienced with cannabis will find themselves unable to stay awake, so proceed with caution.

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