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Maui Citrus Punch – Palm Leaf Blunt

Premium OG Luxurious High Quality Palm Leaf – Sativa Blunt – Contains: 1G Flower + 0.2G Wax + Kief

– Maui Citrus Punch is a sativa strain created through crossing the delicious Maui Dawg X Tangelo Kush strains. With this bud, the name says it all in terms of flavor – Maui Citrus Punch has a powerful earthy citrus taste that’s accented by tropical fruits and a skunky smooth exhale. The smell is of sweet kush and tropical fruits with a super dank skunky pungency that’s released when smoked. The Maui Citrus Punch high packs a potent smash to the face of uplifting cerebral effects that hit you hard immediately upon exhale. The high starts with a euphoric rush of energy that lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling like you can take on the world. You’ll feel an increase in creativity and focus that leaves you ready to focus on and tackle any tasks on your to do list. As your mind soars through this state, your body will feel a deep relaxation, easing away any aches or pains.

Pesticide Free Indoor Cannabis


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