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(3.5g) OAK-CANO by Oakfruitland Farmers




Oak-Cano Strain Strain Information

Oakfruitland Farmers Oak-Cano, A special collaboration with Rich the Kid -Rich handpicked this from 10 of the heaviest hitters in their tester garden because it has an aroma that reminds him of New York, and it, as he said, “just hits differently.”  Like New York, this has a smell that’s a little abrasive at first but gives way to a sweetness that keeps bringing you back for more. Each chunk you break off the stem kicks up a nose-burning cloud like artificial fruit punch and freshly poured plastic. Eventually, the citric gas coming from these flowers burns off to a creamy, pink bubblegum aroma.

Effects Of  Oak-Cano Strain

The first hit of Oak-Cano is a wave of fruit flavor, matched by a creaminess that gives way to a kush-y exhale. For smokers looking for a solid punch , this strain’s quick onset is impossible to ignore. While the body high makes it feel like you’re moving in an old driving suit, the boost of euphoria and mental drive is almost misleading. What can feel one minute like you have the energy to climb a fiery mountain might leave you ready for nap halfway up.

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